JGH Tokyo Our Promise : Homey Hospitality

You do not need to transfer to go to Tokyo,Akihabara,Ueno,Shimbashi (to go to Odaiba),Shinagawa ( to go to Haneda Airport) and etc.

If you want to go to Ikebukuro,Shinjuku,Shibuya and Ebisu station,  you just need to transfer once at Akabane station (this station is the next station from our nearest Kawaguchi station.)


Your home away from home!

Mieko-san welcomes you and opens her home for your stay in Japan.

You are cared for and your fellow guests are just like your friends of many years.

JGH, this is your home away from home where you feel at home.

TEL +81 80-1120-6408

E-Mail jghtokyo@yahoo.co.jp

Website http://www.jghtokyo.com/

Address 13-45 , Nakacho , Kawaguchi , Saitama

Postal Code 332-0022

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